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Add an admin to your Rust server Locate your users.cfg. This is normally in /server/<world>/cfg/users.cfg. LOW.MS... Admin & Console commands As well as launch parameters, there are a number of options admins can configure either via the... How to Add a Rust Header Image Having the image prepared for use:   1.       The image must be 512x256 pixels and be a PNG... How to add Oxide and Plugins to your server First you will need to install oxide to your server before you can install any mods.     1.... How to add a Custom Rust map to your Server This is a simple guide on how to add a Custom map to your Rust server:    1. Firstly you need... How to configure Oxide plugins on your server If you haven’t already you can follow our guide on how to add Oxide and plugins to your server... How to make your Rust server private Currently there is no way to add a password to Rust servers. There are still a couple of ways to... How to reset Rust world and/or player data Here are the steps to irreversibly delete your world file and/or player data.   1. Log in to... Installing/Updating RustEdit on your server (custom maps) Installing/Updating RustEdit on your server (custom maps) LOW.MS provides you with a one click... Oxide/uMod plugin's not working? These are the steps to fix a server with plugins that are not working:   - Stop the server -... Players being kicked: Packet Flooding: Player Tick If you're having the error "Packet Flooding: Player Tick" there can be a number of reasons for... Rust How to Change Your Map Seed/Size Please note that changing any settings for your map will result in a new world being made losing... Rust server not showing in community/modded list Server not appearing on the list  Note: Facepunch have confirmed this as a bug with Steam's... Server Settings The list below shows you the servers.cfg basics: Line Entry Example Explaination... Server not saving properly on restart/shutdown? Please make sure your server.cfg file has the rcon.password "xx" contained in it and then the...
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