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How to add Oxide and Plugins to your server

First you will need to install oxide to your server before you can install any mods.

    1.       Go to your control panel.

    2.       Go to Mod Manager.

    3.       Install Oxide(Latest) and any other mods you want in this menu.

    4.       Go back to your control panel and start your server, this will create the needed files for oxide.

    5.       Shut the server down for installation of plugins.


Next you will want to install plugins for your server.

You can find plugins for you server on or click on the link below.


    1.       Once you have installed the plugins you want to your home pc you will need to upload them onto the server.

    2.       Go to `File Manager -> Oxide -> Plugins` from your control panel.

    3.       Once in the plugins folder you can upload the .cs files you downloaded with the upload button on the top of the screen.

    4.       You can now start your server back up and the plugins will be installed on your server.

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