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We have various mods and Rocket Mod plugins in our Mod Manager. If you would like to see more plugins, simply create a support ticket. Here are the steps required to add mods yourself:

Currently installing Unturned mods requires a little bit of work. An easy to use mod tool is expected to be released in April 2017.


  1. Navigate to the Unturned Steam Workshop
  2. Subscribe to all mods that you would like on your server.
  3. Wait for Steam to download all the mods.
  4. Right click Unturned on Steam, click Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files...
  5. Navigate to \SteamApps\workshop\content\304930.
  6. You should see all the mods you have subscribed too. Put all mods into a .zip folder, and all maps into a seperate .zip.
  7. Open up your server control panel at and go into the File Manager.
  8. Open the Bundles folder and then go into the Workshop folder.
  9. Upload your zipped maps into the Maps folder, the .zip containing all other mods go into the Content folder
  10. Extract both .zip foles.
  11. After a restart, you should now see the addons listed on the server screen, this means you have installed it correctly and you are ready to play!


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