OverrideDecayTime & OverrideDecayMaxBuildingPieces

Server Settings - OverrideDecayTime=#, OverrideDecayMaxBuildingPieces=#

These two settings will allow greater control for server hosts for both the casual servers and the fast paced high slot servers. 

Default setting is 6 - changing the number to 10 means 10 pieces will decay per tick (time)

Default setting is 3600 - The amount of seconds it will take for the building piece to decay into abandoned state

To edit this, navigate to your configuration files and edit 'ServerSettings.ini' either find the line beginning 'OverrideDecayTime=' or hit CTRL + F and type it in - once found simply edit away and save the config.

Please note that if you have not found the line simply navigate to the bottom of the file and then add in the two lines in.

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